Fandeliers the latest trend

Fandeliers are the latest trend. They have a wholly unique design that I find has an odd yet tasteful glamour about them. They combine the best parts of chandeliers and ceiling fans into one convenient and lovely lighting fixture without any of the perceived cons of either piece. Basically, fandeliers are an entirely win-win situation. […]

The Homegrown History Behind 4Rustic Lighting

The Homegrown History Behind 4Rustic Lighting 4Rustic Lighting has been a family-owned rustic lighting business since 2001, way before Google even had the term “rustic lighting” as a keyword in their searches! Going seventeen years strong (and counting), we pride ourselves in offering the very best in quality rustic lighting, farmhouse lighting, and a large […]

A Trustic Guide to Rustic-Farmhouse Lighting

Rustic-farmhouse lighting is an increasingly popular interior design trend nowadays, and it’s not hard to see why. The rustic style of interior decorating is one that emphasizes the rugged, weathered beauty of nature through its use of natural materials such as wood or stone, and warm, earthy colors, namely various shades of brown, soft grays, […]